Simply in love (PCP against extravagant weddings)

Business managerFor centuries, weddings have been significant events created to bring families and friends together to celebrate the union of two hearts.  They symbolize a physical declaration of devotion, affection and commitment.  Tradition used to control wedding ceremonies, but now our consumerism culture determines what an acceptable wedding looks like: flashy and over indulged.  Large weddings often take away from the intimacy that should be synonymous weddings and can cause unsettlement and disconcertion, even before the marriage even starts.

The average “modern bride” spends about $26,327 on a wedding, not including the honeymoon or engagement ring.  Since 1995, wedding costs have gone up tremendously.  This can be attributed to wedding reality television programs.  Modern society has distorted this marital perspective and created unnecessary expectations of what a wedding should include.  Countless reality wedding shows such as Bridezillas, Wedding Bling and Four Weddings encourage competition, consumerism and extravagant weddings that take away from the most important part of a wedding:  the bride and groom.  The planning of the ceremony becomes about out-doing a friend or family member or just displaying a person’s financial ability to hold an over the top wedding.  A marriage is about the covenant being made, not if making it in style.  Many lose sight of this amidst planning a wedding.

Large, out-of-price-range weddings can cause turbulence in the very beginning of a marriage for a bride and groom.  Money is the number one instigator for argument in American couples and no one wants to start a new life with debt.  A small and intimate wedding avoids the outrageous fees and stress that were made for one single night of magic.  Of course, it is important to have family and friends there to support the bride and groom, but it shouldn’t be solely based on trying to impress them.

The big day is stressful.  There are a million things to take care of and the less guests and details to the wedding, the happier the bride will be.  Of course, she will be nervous, but the comforts of a small ceremony can reduce that stress level, making the day more memorable and anxiety- free.  The couple can focus on the event of the ceremony, rather than the logistics.

A wedding is a day of love and bliss, joy and liberty, affection and matrimony.  It should focus on the bride and groom, not what they are wearing or who they invite.  This day should be the most important day for a couples relationship and should symbolize their undying and simplistic love for another.  Love isn’t expressed in material items, but in the pure happiness derived from a single human being.

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