Necessary attendance policy (PCP in favor of policy)

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El Diamante’s attendance policy took a toll on its students since cutting class became a serious problem, especially for the seniors. The new policy requires all students to attend the school year 94% (169 days) of the time. Though this upsets many students, especially the seniors, it does nothing but good.

As the end of the year approaches, high school seniors are the most vulnerable to slacking off and cutting class. Many get caught up and fall below the 94% rate. As a result, few seniors have not been able to walk. In other words, a few have not been able to participate in their own graduation. “If someone works hard in the class and passes they deserve to walk with the rest of the graduating class.” says Jacob Ruvalcaba, a senior. Though students hold strong opposing opinions on it, it will not change the policy. This new policy will help keep students on track and well on their way to success.

The policy does more than just help students come to class but it teaches them commitment and responsibility. When students cut class, their ability to be responsible and committed to their job [school] diminishes. By pushing students to come to class, it makes them stay on top of their work. They learn to put education as their first priority and that it is a reflection of the real world. “I feel that it eliminates the tardy or ditching excuse most seniors want to use. By being in school more, they learn how a job in society works with having to be at a certain place for a certain time.” says Brannon Parish, a junior. Students will understand that attending school is just like showing up for work. You can’t be late and must show up more than 94% of the time.

The new attendance policy only benefits the students. For those that choose not to abide by its rules, the opportunity to better one’s future is disappearing. The school created this to teach and prepare its students for the next level after high school. By ignoring it, one is hurting them self.

To get the other side of the argument click here.

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