Jealousy is the ugliest trait

Photography Editor

In the media, people sell their products by saying, “Come here, buy this and ‘be envied’,”  but in reality, that wouldn’t be a good thing. Perhaps one might want to be admired but not envied. Jealousy is an awful emotion that doesn’t only ruin relationships but ruins yourself as a person also. Any dramatic soap opera would confirm that jealousy kills, but when a person envies what someone else has instead of being thankful for their own possessions, they’re “killing them self”. One is so focused on they want and trying so hard to achieve what others have that in the process they ruin their own gifts and are blinded to see how blessed they are. Our life can only be fulfilled through our own talents and treasures not someone else’s possessions .
Insecurity causes jealousy. When we are insecure about ourselves we come up with foolish questions like, “How is it that she’s so pretty and I’m not? Does she flirt with anyone else in her other classes? Does he think I’m prettier than his ex?” These questions wouldn’t come about if self-confidence is present. One needs to believe that there is no one like them self. Once these questions come about, relationships start to fail. With a jealous partner, things start to go down hill. Your friend puts her boyfriend on “lock-down” where she doesn’t allow her boyfriend to talk to other girls. If the guy is still her boyfriend, that means he still wants to be only with her or else he would have ended that relationship already. There is no need to compare youself to others.
Jealousy between friends can break relationships even if you’ve been friends for a long period of time. Friends start to act differently with each other and all of a sudden, it’s as if you don’t know that person.Or perhaps out of nowhere your friend treats you as if you did something wrong when you haven’t done a thing. That’s because they’ve had emotions bottled up inside and are insecure about themselves. This is because jealousy makes them feel lousy.They might even be angry by the fact that they don’t have what you have and can’t get it, so they take it out on you. In a true friendship, jealousy should never exist, in fact, friends should be happy for one another.
Some ways you can prevent/deal with jealousy is to start being grateful for what you have and to never compare your self to other people. Never believe you are “below” or “above” anyone for this can cause insecurities and another ugly trait- arrogance. The most important thing to remember is to be confident and content with what you have.

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