Can they last? (PCP for high school relationships)

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Can relationships last out of high school? Over the four years that most of us have been here at El Diamante many have had one boyfriend or girlfriend and some have even had too many to count. If two people want a relationship to work, then they can withstand anything high school throws toward them. If the couple can hold onto what they’ve got through the chaos of friends, grades and family then maybe the can make it in the real world. Everyone wants the fantasy of marrying their high school sweetheart and living happily ever after knowing that one person has known them through the worst and best times. After high school, the world pushes obstacles that reveal how keeping a high school relationship could help.
In high school almost everyone wants a relationship and preferably one that lasts. With a little help and determination they can have this. Each partner should be giving 110% to the other. Having someone that understands all the problems can help make the relationship last. Trevor Ludlow, a sophomore says “people can always keep their relationships after high school because its not high school that makes the relationships, it’s the people having a good friendship! High school is just a test of that friendship for the future. If you’re able to find someone who is a true friend and can make it through the hard times of high school with you, I’d says she’s a keeper!” There are some couples that we see around campus that stop in the midst of the crowd just to kiss each other good bye or hold hands and stare at each other like it may be the last time they ever see each other or until  the next bell rings. Does this PDA help the relationships blossom? I believe so; I think relationships need that excitement, the so called “high school” romance if you will to keep the butterflies flying around. Statistics say 8 to 11 % of high school relationships result in marriage. Why not try and prove the statistic wrong and try to make the relationship have a future that is ready and will last. In high school a lot of us make decisions based on what is important now, so relationships should last if we all keep that mind set. Sure it will be difficult but if we truly want something to last and want to be with that one person who knows what it was like certain classes in high school we can make it work. Wouldn’t it be great if they were able to be in the same spot seeing what it’s like buying a house or getting your dream job? High school relationships can last and should; it’s just a little more work that will be totally worth it in the end.
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